“BOSS is the voice of single Soldiers, single parents and geographical bachelors. If you look at everybody who lives in those barracks, they’re single Soldiers. So the people that are affected by any barracks moves are the people that (BOSS) is the voice of,” Parker said. “Colonel (Chad R.) Foster (Garrison commander) was the one that came to us and sergeant major (Hall). Why it was such a good idea to have us involved is because we’re the ones that communicate the most with the barracks Soldiers outside of the units themselves.”

“One huge thing for mental health, morale and whatnot is having good living quarters or the promise of better living, but also communication with the people that make those decisions,” Webster said. “In my experience, this does give them a little bit of interaction time with (leaders) so it gives them a little bit of a boost at the fact that there is somebody trying to make a change.”